Expertise and Support

Seaforce is currently providing the Fleet Engineering support to the Australian Border Force, including people filling the roles of Fleet Engineer, Deputy Fleet Engineer, regional engineers and Engineering Change Manager.

Australian Border Force Patrol Vessel

Seaforce completed the design and production work for the modification of ABFC Ocean Shield.

Engineering Change Audit

Seaforce have undertaken Physical Configuration Audits of Navy and ABF vessels to verify engineering design changes were certified, approved, properly implemented, trialed and safe.

Australian Border Force High-Speed Craft

Seaforce have teamed with Nautic Star of Adelaide to design and build 7.3 m high-speed craft for the Australian Border Force, setting a new standard of performance for these patrol craft.

Armidale Class Patrol Boats – Project Support

A team of Seaforce people provided specialist services in engineering, maintenance management and logistics support to the Armidale Class Patrol Boats in Darwin, including Director, Chief Engineer and a “stem to stern” safety inspection of every ship.

Customs Southern Ocean Patrol Vessel

Seaforce provided the Ice rated special purpose vessel ACV Ocean Protector to Australian Customs and Border Protection for service as a Southern Ocean Maritime Patrol and Response Capability ship.

Expertise in SPO

Seaforce has provided the Chief Engineer and Marine Engineers to the Navy Hydrographic Systems Program Office. Other positions recently filled by Seaforce people include marine engineers for the ANZAC SPO, maintenance planners and superintendents for the Amphibious Afloat Support SPO.

  Commercial Marine Surveying

Our marine surveyors and designers were employed to assist in the survey, design and modification of the Hayman Island Resort luxury transfer vessels.

Expert Witness and Investigations

Seaforce specialist personnel have been involved in litigation cases as an expert witness on engineering systems and practices.

  Logistic Support Agency (Navy) – Engineering and ILS

A team of Seaforce people were embedded in the ASSPO providing valuable Engineering ILS and Sustainment support.

Fleet Support – Training and Mentoring Sailors

Seaforce embedded trainers in Navy’s Fleet Support Unit in HMAS Stirling providing training and mentoring for technical sailors. The WA team also assisted the Ministry of National Security for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago with the certification of their new patrol boats that were built in WA.