dmaa SEAFORCE were successful in being awarded a contract to undertake a review of the RAN’s Marine Engineering and Weapons Electrical Application Courses (MEAC and WEAC).   These courses had not been substantially updated since they were first established in Australia and were not adequately preparing their students for the transition between academic study and joining the fleet.

Follow-on contracts included a formal Training Needs Analysis, a Gap Analysis, the development of a course structure, the re-write of all course material and provision of instructional support to the pilot course.   Elements of the new EOAC (Engineer Officer’s Application Course) was accredited as part of a Masters Degree through the University of NSW.

As part of this task SEAFORCE developed a scalar for a ship’s engineer and this activity identified a number of areas that were not covered by the old course.   These areas were then included as were numerous pragmatic elements that took advantage of SEAFORCE’s extensive RAN engineering knowledge and experience.   A number of innovative technologies were introduced to HMAS CERBERUS including the PRS, an automated “Ask the Audience” style polling system.   This allows for a real-time assessment of a a classes knowledge as well as whether they have completed pre-reading.   It also allows an instructor to tailor revision sessions to those areas where knowledge is weakest.”